Australian curriculum Health and Physical Education – On demand webinars

Are you starting your planning and programming with the new Australian Health and Physical Education curriculum? Not sure where to start?

These four webinars will get you off to a flying start.

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So what are you waiting for? Kick start your learning about the new Health and Physical Education curriculum.

Webinar 1: Health and Physical Education in Australia

This webinar provides an overview of the Australian Curriculum Health and Physical Education with a focus on the relationships between the different curriculum elements of content, achievement standards and the focus areas. The webinar concludes with information about the assumptions and expectations of the curriculum and school-based considerations when you begin your planning and implementation.

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Webinar 2: A future-focused HPE program: Unpacking the 5 propositions

This interactive webinar will support teachers to unpack the 5 propositions that underpin the Health and Physical Education curriculum and explore how the propositions informed the development of the curriculum content. Participants will investigate each of the 5 propositions and what they might look like in their classrooms/programs.

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Webinar 3: Unpacking the Health and Physical Education curriculum – a process for planning units of work

In this interactive webinar participants are taken through a process for identifying complimentary content and focus areas that can be addressed within a unit of work and explore how the achievement standards can be used in planning learning activities and assessment strategies.

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Webinar 4: The A-E of making professional judgements in HPE

Participants will be guided through the principles of quality assessment in Health and Physical Education. This session includes an overview of what makes a quality assessment item, how to make sound professional judgements about student achievement and how to collect evidence to support your judgements.

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