Heads Up: Skills for life resource

Whilst working with the NSW Department of Education and Training PDHPE Unit, Janice was employed to lead the development of the Heads Up: Skills for Life resource for ReachOut.com by Inspire Foundation.

The resource is aimed at Year 9 and 10 students and focuses on developing help seeking and critical mental health literacy skills. The resource is driven by a process described in the resource as key actions or steps. Students work through activities linked to each step of the process developing and enhancing their knowledge in relation to selected adolescent health issues whilst also developing skills such as critical health literacy, communication, problem solving, decision-making and help seeking skills.

The Oasis teaching resource: Youth homelessness matters

Janice partnered with the Caledonia Foundation, Reach Out Teachers’ Network and Inspire Foundation to develop the Oasis: Youth homelessness matters teaching resource. Janice was the lead author on the project.

The resource includes three teaching modules around the issues of Youth Homelessness and comprehensive curriculum links across States and Territories and subjects. The resource also includes ready to use student workbooks and handouts.

HeadStrong: The creative way to teach, talk and think about mood disorders

Janice Atkin was contracted by The Black Dog Institute to develop the HeadStrong teaching resource: the creative way of thinking, talking and teaching about mood disorders.

This resource is aligned to the Health & Physical Education state and territory curriculums and the draft Australian Curriculum for Years 9-10.

HeadStrong includes 5 modules that are split into a series of ready to use classroom activities and teacher development notes. Each module links directly to curriculum outcomes, and is supported by a series of engaging class room presentations by bestselling author and illustrator, Matthew Johnstone.